Cherry Bomb® Glasspack

The original high performance Cherry Bomb® with its straight-through design maximizes horsepower and offers those classic rumble and bark sounds for cars and trucks.

• Straight-Thru Design
• 100% Welded Construction
• Classic Cherry Bomb® Red Paint
• Reversible Design for Maximum Installation Flexibility
• Compact Round Body Size

cherry bomb glasspack cutaway illustration
3 and a Half Body Angled Necks

Full Offset = 11 Degrees – Part Number 87048CB / Part Number 87046CB / Part Number 87097CB

Medium Offset = 7 Degrees – Part Number 87016CB / Part Number 87087CB / Part Number 87052CB

Full Offset – (Used for OFFSET / OFFSET Applications)
Medium Offset – (Used for OFFSET / CENTER Applications)

All neck sizes are inside diameter unless otherwise noted.

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