If you’re older than me, you would remember a streetcar as an electric trolley car that meandered through large, bustling city streets loaded with passengers that would embark and depart at various points along predetermined route. But, that is not what we’re talking about here.

We all know that a car prepared for competitive events is known as a race car. A professionally prepared race car with the added bare necessities of windshield wipers, lights, and mufflers is otherwise known as a pro street car. Imagine the consternation when a friend suddenly asked me what I meant by a ‘street car’. I had said the term rather casually when explaining some nuances of the local drag strip.

I had to think a moment here. I think of a ‘street car’ as a vehicle based on a regular mass produced vehicle that has been “warmed up” to be more competitive with other vehicles in speed contests. It can be the obvious with a different stance or rake, have larger wheels and tires, big hood scoops and air dams. Or, it could be hidden as a racing cam, headers, larger intake & exhaust systems, larger brakes and heavy duty suspension. Throughout this metamorphosis, the vehicle maintains a true dual nature or personality. This is the car or truck that is calmly and quietly driven to work during the week and then to track on the weekend to be uncorked as a fire breathing monster.

So, the definition of a street car depends on your age and your perspective. What do you think?

Until next time,

Sam Slick