Hey, you can do all kinds of things with sound. You can make it louder (harsher) or quieter (softer). Sound can also be quite complicated in and around your vehicle. Some sources of vehicle sound (noise) that some people never really considered are the clatter of mechanical parts (piston slap and lifter clatter on tired engines), the hum of tires on the road, whirring fan blades, engine exhaust notes, intake roar, and the whoosh of the wind with top down or windows open, and the radio bass, tweeters and subwoofers.

You can mask exhaust sound with tuning and absorption and accentuate or change some sounds with various sizes, shapes, and placements of a resonator device or outlet dump. So, just by including or eliminating individual sources of sound, you can change your vehicle’s personality. Experimentation can be a lot of fun.

If you have specific questions on how to improve your vehicle’s sound personality, just give our cool tech gurus (Danny or Orlando) a call at 1-800-277-2787 or drop them an email at tech.line@apemissions.com. They’re car guys too.

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Sam Slick

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  • How does the hot rod edition compare to the others in sound? upgrading exhaust on 71 Lincoln with the ford 460.

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